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Stories are the foundation of everything we are - they are our memories, lived experiences, and reflective touchstones to dip into while we consider where to go next.


Sharing our stories brings us together. Listening to others talk about their lives may galvanise our own and telling stories allows us to take up space and connects us to the world.


Stories With Emma exists to listen to and document your stories in a way that honours your words, tackles major life events, and finds magic in your every day.

Welcome to Stories With Emma - an autobiography and biography service based in Perth, Western Australia.

I created this service because I know although many people would like to have their memories recorded to keep, it’s difficult to know where to begin. It can also be hard to find the time to sit and put it all together in written words - and very overwhelming to do yourself! But it is so important. We see and hear all the time that some of the very best stories are eventually lost - sometimes without us ever hearing them, or only remembering fragments as time goes by.


During my six years of work as a newspaper journalist, my favourite part of the job was always speaking with people and hearing what they were passionate about. From fruit farmers and yoga studio owners to medical professionals and reality TV contestants, I enjoyed listening to why people do what they do – what drives them, what’s important to them and their thoughts on day to day life. Everyone has stories worth listening to, or that make for great reading - even if you may not think you do!


Please know as you enquire and go through this process that you don’t have to know exactly what you want to say or how to say it. It’s my job to make it as easy as possible for you, which begins in the early stages and will continue throughout our interviews and creating your final product.


You don’t have to tell me everything in order, know where to start, do it all yourself or include every single thing possible – together, we’ll make sure we produce something full of beautiful memories for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

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