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how it works

FIRST: initial meeting 

Before we start our interview sessions, we'll touch base with an initial meeting. I'll have some questionnaires to get us started, which you can begin looking at immediately or peruse in your own time. Any queries you have can also be asked here.

NEXT: interview sessions and writing

Interviews will be approximately one hour each. In some cases, you may like to speak without interruption, and in others some question-and-answer sections may be more appropriate. Both are perfectly okay - I'm there to listen to you speak, plus encourage more detail or help structure your thoughts where it's helpful. All our conversations will be recorded in full for me to use during my writing sessions.

Once the story is written and we have a completed manuscript, you will be able to view it and request for any changes to be made. We can skip this step if you'd rather read your book for the first time once it's bound.

LASTLY: production

Options will be presented for book-binding and I will arrange for your final product to be delivered. 

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